Quarterly Report: What I've Read Lately ...

I'll be honest: September went way too freakin' fast. And I honestly thought I'd accomplish more reading than I did. But still, I think it's safe to say I had a fairly good reading quarter this time around. A good mix of teen reads and romance, with a little sprinkling of non-fiction as well. Looking over the list of books I read this quarter, it would seem that I went on a bit of Jill Sorenson reading binge - which was definitely worth it. Read on to see what I read over the summer.


Summer 2015 was definitely the summer of dinosaurs. Well, I think someone could logically make the argument that any summer could be the summer of dinosaurs if you're hitting the right demographic. Still, dinosaurs were the popular thing this season -- just ask Chris Pratt.

With everyone - especially the little ones - going dino crazy, I put together a cool dinosaur focused program for summer.

Quarterly Report: What I've Read Recently ...

Twenty-eight books read over the past four months. Twenty. Eight. Even as busy as I've been with planning programs and such, I feel like all I've really done is read. Which, honestly, isn't a bad feeling in the slightest. Here's a look at what's caught my attention these past four months.